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Young America's Foundation

Young America’s Foundation (YAF) promotes Conservative values, such as individual liberty, a strong national defense, and traditional values, at High School and College Campuses throughout America. YAF’s goals are to provide a platform for conservative ideas, voices, and values at Sparkman, educate its members how to promote and defend those ideas, present those ideas to others, and provide a venue where conservatives can work together to promote those ideas. The specific values expressed by YAF can be found in the Sharon Statement. YAF has many projects and events such as the 9/11: Never Forget Project, where we will put 2,977 US flags out, each honoring a life lost on 9/11, and Freedom Week, where we show the dangers of socialism and communism. YAF also hosts many conservative speakers to talk at campuses nationwide. Anyone who wants to promote conservatism can join us by emailing us at or talking with Mr. Stevenson (room 108) or Mr. Dolan (room 130)

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