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About eSports

  • Sparkman High School esports team is a varsity competitive team for the school under; AHSAA and PlayVS organization, that offer a selection of team based, strategic and skill developing competitive games for students to compete in against other high schools in the state and region.

    We also established a club section to the organization for casual players, who can engage in any of these games, practice editing and game development skills as a potential career path, with other individuals that like to make gaming a part of the education process. Implementing, teamwork, communication skills, networking, Strategizing and many more. We work on developing and enhancing these skillsets utilizing a method of fun that students will enjoy.

    Currently most matches are played online via the PLAYVS system/ website. Competitive matches are determined by the system administrators and usually are on Wednesdays and Thursdays; start times can range between 4 pm – 5pm.

    If you are interested in joining the competitive teams. The list of competitive games are:

    Smite 5v5 (Cross-play)

    Rocket League 3v3 (Cross-play)

    Super Smash Ultimate 3v3 (Switch only)

    Madden 21 3v3 (PS4 only)

    Fifa 21 3v3 (PS4 only)

    League of Legends 5v5 (PC only)

    Student must currently hold a GPA of 2.6 or Higher. Must be maintaining a C or higher in current course upon trying out for competitive teams. Student and parents/ guardians must complete all documentation within, this does include getting a physical. Certain competitive games have a fee in order to compete, Playvs sets these competitive fees, and is determined at the start of the season.

    Amongst competing for a 1st sting seat on a team there are also leadership roles and positons within each game that members can apply for. These positions consist of:

    • Captain
    • Co- captain
    • Strategist
    • Record keeper

    Sparkman Esports coaches Heller and Rogers have established a club organization side of the team for those students who aren’t into the competitive scenes, but still want to be a part of a fulfilling and family orientated gaming community.  If you are a casual player and would like to join the esports casual club, we welcome you with open arms.

    In the casual club , we host mini tournaments within the organization, we play a sleuth of different pc and systems games such as hearthstone, roblox, brawhalla, wizards 101, Monopoly, DND, Sims, Minecraft,  and we also welcome any other suggested school appropriate games in which we can play, bond and grow as an organization and club together.

    That’s not all!  We have club events, fundraisers, community service activities, study sessions, group homework sessions, and an atmosphere for fun, family, friends, games and education all combine into this awesome organization.