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Library-Media Center

Welcome to the Sparkman High School Media Center!

The library is open to students from 8:15AM until 3:30PM.

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Sparkman High School Media Center Expectations

  •     Everyone is respectful of others.
  •     Each student comes to the SHS Media Center with a purpose.
  •     Each student will return all materials to the proper place.
  •     Each student will keep the SHS Media Center neat and clean by discarding trash, cleaning up his or her workspace, and returning materials to their proper place.
  •     Each student will follow the Madison County School System Student Conduct rules concerning the use of technology and personally owned devices.
  •     Each student will WHISPER when communicating in the SHS Media Center.
  •     Each student will follow directions given by Mrs. Stewart/Mrs. Hooton, your teacher, or any adult in the SHS Media Center.

Do you need to print?

  • Academic black & white printing - the first 10 pages are free; each page after 10 is 10 cents each
  • Non-academic black & white printing - 10 cents per page

We are adding new materials daily. If there is something we do not have but you would like to see, please fill out a book/materials request form!  

Casey Stewart
Library Media Specialist

Pam Hooton
Technology Media Specialist